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About Us

Meet the team behind Stoked Surf Adventures and learn more about the site

Who Are We?

Stoked Surf Adventures was set up by award-winning travel blogger Chris from StokedForTravel.com

Having spent the last 10 years on the road, visiting over 40 countries and chasing waves across hundreds of surf breaks from Australia to the Maldives he’s tried and tested some of the best surf adventures the world has to offer.

And that’s what we do here at Stoked Surf Adventures – we hand pick our favourite surf camps, surf adventures and surf instructor training courses to connect you guys with the best surf experiences and waves out there.

Our team personally visit and test out every new experience before it gets listed on the site (a tough job we know…but someone has to do it!) and only if it passes our vetting process do we offer it on the site.

So whether you’re a seasoned big wave charger looking for some perfection in the Mentawais or wanting to learn to surf at a chilled surf camp in Sri Lanka we’re here to help you out.

And of course, if you have any questions, or even recommendations get in touch – we’d be stoked to hear from you.

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Chris & the Stoked Surf Adventures Team

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Why Book With Us?

We can guarantee you’ll never pay any more by booking with us – that’s our surfers promise!

What we can guarantee though is that we’ll connect you with the best surf experience for you – so chat to our surf experts about what you want from your trip, your skill level (be honest!) and of course your budget and we’ll make sure you find your perfect surf trip.

All our team are experienced surfers themselves (no office monkeys here – we’re probably replying to your emails in between surf sessions in Byron Bay or Indo!) and we’ve personally tried and tested everything we offer on the site.

And if you’re chatting to one of our team about a trip they haven’t been on, they’ll simply hand you over to someone who has – that way you can get the info you need and the insider scoop on what you’re surf trip will be like.

You’ll also become a member of the Super Stoked Club – meaning once you’ve done one trip with us you’ll get access to exclusive discounts on your next surf adventure. This means more money towards that surfboard you’ve been eyeing up!

  • Expert Advice
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Secure Payment With Credit or Debit Card
  • Largest Range Of Instructor Courses
  • Trips For All Skill Levels
  • Customer Support Throughout
  • Hand Picked Surf Experiences
  • Exclusive Deals On Your Next Trip

Meet The Team

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