Maldives Surf Season – When’s The Best Time For Waves & Weather?

Busy planning a Maldives surf trip? Well, the chances are you’ll want to know when the Maldives surf season is and whens the best time for waves in the Maldives!

So here’s the rundown so you can find you perfect balance of waves, weather and price too!

Maldives Surf Season

Main Maldives Surf Season

The main Maldives surf season runs from February to mid November – so if you’re planning on surfing in the Maldives anytime in that window will have a good chance of scoring some fun waves!

Peak Maldives Surf Season

If you’re on the hunt for the best surf in the Maldives, then the peak season for big, clean swells is March to May with second peak season during September through to November

Booking a Maldives surf trip during these two windows will give you the best shot and that Maldives perfection you’ve been dreaming of – with open barrells and reeling reefs.

Best Weather In The Maldives

Alongside the waves, the other big thing you need to keep in mind when plannign your trip are the best seasons for weather in the Maldives.

Now the Maldives dry season runs from mid December through to mid April – so if you want those glorious blue skies and maximum sunny days for your trip that’s your best chance

So Whens The Best Time For A Maldives Surf Trip?

If you’ve looking for the best of both weather and waves, personally we recommend the months of February, March and early April – giving you the best mix of both sunshine and swell.

However for those looking to score the best conditions in terms of surf – the later part of March and April are the ideal options.

That being said though the shoulder season (in terms of weather) in October and November also offers up some great swell and although the weather won’t be as consistent, it does result in less people and cheaper pricing too – so it’s another one to consider.


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