How Well Do You Need To Surf To Become An Instructor?

If you’re looking at turning the beach into your office and becoming a surf instructor one of the first questions you’re probably asking yourself is “how well do I need to be able to surf”?

Good Surfers v Good Coaches

One myth about being a surf instructor is that you need to be a pro level surfer. But there’s one thing being an epic surfer, and another to be an epic instructor.

We’ve met heaps of incredibly talented surfers all over the world and even though they shred in the water, when it comes to coaching they can be terrible!

In fact that’s why out of your entire surf instructor assessment, most of your time will be spent learning health and safety and coaching techniques, with the actual in water skills assessment only being about 30 mins to an hour long!

Who Will You Be Coaching

And the reason for this quick overview of your in water skills is that, for the most part, Level 1 surf instructors will only be teaching beginner surfers.

At most surf camps and surf schools this is usually a single day lesson – running through the basics of ocean safety, paddling and popping.

If your skills in this area are already pretty solid, the chances are you’re well on your way to nailing the rest of the skillset you need!

Surf Skills Needed

Obviously there is a minimum amount of surf skills needed to become a surf instructor and these form the requirements of the ISA Level 1 or ASI Level 1 course – the two main option for your certififcation.

These requirements are:

  • Paddle out back safely using duck dives or turtles rolls (no board ditching)
  • Catch clean, unbroken waves – both left and right
  • Perform basic top and bottom turns on both left and right hand waves
  • Be able to kick out/ride out of a wave safely
  • Return to shore safely and under control

Zero To Hero Courses

Another question we often get asked is can you really get from beginner to instructor level in 12 weeks?

Well all our 10 and 12 week surf instructor courses are “zero to hero” style – allowing you to gain enough surf experience. With at least 2 hours of lessons per day, and heaps of time to practice your surfing in a variety of conditions you’ll quickly rack up heaps of time in the ocean.

As long as you train, follow your instructions and focus, there’s no reason why you can’t get to the required level.

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