10 of the Best Surf Trip Destinations for Heaps of Waves

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Want to up your wave count on your next surf trip? Who doesn’t?!

While some locations might be more affordable and others might be more luxurious, what we ultimately want as surfers is our fill of epic waves.

So to help you score on your next tri, here are our top 10 surf destinations that all but guarantee a bunch of leg-burning, shoulder-aching, grin-inducing rides.

Sri Lanka

With year-round waves, two coastlines to choose from and an abundance of unique biodiversity, Sri Lanka is a world surfing hotspot for good reason.

We’re big fans of this island nation for its uncrowded lineups (if you know where to look) and affordable prices too. Like playful reefbreaks, a-frame beachies and breathtaking landscapes? Sri Lanka’s got all that and more.

Top waves: Arugam Bay, Mirissa Point, Weligama Bay, Rams

Surf season: November – April (south coast), May – October (east coast)

Best for: Year-round surf, budget surf trips, your first surf vacation

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Call to mind the dreamiest of dreamy surf destinations and most likely you’ll be imagining the Maldives.

With palm tree lined islands surrounded by peeling lefts and rights, the Maldives is the quintessential tropical surf vacation for those seeking a more refined experience.

That said, it’s not all luxury resorts and private waves. The average punter can have an absolute ball here too. A must-visit destination for surfers of all skill levels, ages and board persuasions.

Top waves: Cokes, Vodi, Pasta Point, Jailbreaks

Surf season: March – September

Best for: Luxury surf resorts, charter boats, island perfection

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If there’s one country that can claim to have an absolute smorgasbord of waves for all abilities, Australia is it.

You’ve got the sublime pointbreaks of Queensland, the groomed beachbreaks of New South Wales, the raw power of West Oz and practically everything in between.

Unsurprising, really, when you consider that Australia has a total of 11,761 beaches. Most likely you won’t surf them all, but there’s no harm in trying… right?

Top waves: The Pass, Bells Beach, Snapper, Noosa Point

Surf season: April – October

Best for: All levels of surfers, vanlife surf trips, extended surf trips

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While old timers bemoan the crowds that’ve flocked to Bali in the last few years, the Island of the Gods still has a magical hold on the minds of every surfer with saltwater in their veins.

Who can turn their nose up at Uluwatu in all its glory or Padang Padang when it’s glassy and overhead?

Certainly not us. Besides, you can still surf relatively uncrowded waves if you know where to go. Come for Bali’s most famous waves and ever-pumping nightlife. Stay for the rich local culture and nasi goreng.

Top waves: Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin, Keramas

Surf season: May – September

Best for: Range of surf camps, your first surf trip, wave of your life

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If you’re looking for a surf destination that could practically guarantee the wave of your life, the Mentawais are it.

Pioneered by Aussie surfers back in the late 80s and first publicised by the Indies Trader charter boat in the 90s, this cluster of islands is the holy grail of surf zones.

Frequented by pros and those looking for their first taste of the tube, the Mentawai Islands are a veritable wave paradise with a rough charm and magnetism like no other.

Top waves: Bankvaults, Kandui Left, Macaronis, Lance’s Right (HTs)

Surf season: May – September

Best for: Barrel chasing, epic charter boats, range of surf resort options, off the track surf adventures

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South Africa

J-Bay, Cape Town’s famous backdrop and wildlife parks. Need we say more?

South Africa boasts 3,000km of coastline that’s absolutely teeming with quality waves. Sure, the water can be nippy, but the consistent surf and beautiful beaches more than make up for it.

Throw in the melting pot of African cultures that call it home, sprinkle a little biltong spice around and you’ve got one heck of a surf vacation.

Top waves: J-Bay, Coffee Bay, Muizenberg

Surf season: March – September

Best for: Extended surf trips, all levels of surfers

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Costa Rica

If you’ve ever seen Bruce Brown’s seminal surf flick Endless Summer II, then you’ll already be well acquainted with the kind of surf that Costa Rica is famous for.

Playful, user-friendly beachbreaks on tap coupled with tropical weather make Costa Rica one of the most popular surf destinations in the world. It’s also incredibly safe with a stable economy and friendly locals.

If easy living and a quintessential Central American surf vibe are what you’re seeking, book a ticket to Costa Rica.

Top waves: Pavones, Witch’s Rock, Playa Hermosa, Santa Teresa

Surf season: May – November

Best for: User-friendly waves, tropical weather, year-round surf


The land of lakes and volcanoes (and epic surf), Nicaragua is known throughout the surfing world for having offshore winds practically 300+ days of the year.

This eliminates arguably the biggest headache of any surf trip, which means you can focus on surfing your brains out and sampling all that this highly sensorial surf destination has to offer.

Take advantage of the cheap cost of living and try the local rum. Tip: it’s best enjoyed with cold ice from the comfort of a hammock after a long day of shredding.

Top waves: Playa Colorado, The Boom, Popoyo, Maderas

Surf season: May – November

Best for: Consistent waves, amazing climate, highly affordable

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As the most visited country in all of Africa and bordering both the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans, Morocco has a rich surf heritage that’s quickly gaining worldwide recognition.

There’s of course the Moroccan surf mecca of Taghazout, but that’s like taking an Australian surf trip to only surf Byron Bay. The empty, windswept waves of the Sahara desert in the south are a stark contrast to the lively, cosmopolitan surf destinations around Casablanca and Rabat in the north.

Expect to eat your weight in tajine and drink your board bag’s weight in tea.

Top waves: Safi, Anchor Point, Imsouane, Essaouira

Surf season: October – March

Best for: Righthand pointbreaks, winter sunshine, surf and yoga camps

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If you’re looking for a surf destination that’s filled with waves and island adventures, the Philippines is a worthy contender.

There are over 7,000 islands to choose from and way too many waves to surf in one trip.

Packed full of epic reef breaks the variety of waves on offer is staggering. Siargao island is the surf epicentre, but for those willing to peek around the next corner, there’s always another wave to discover.

Top waves: Cloud 9, Baler, San Juan, La Union

Surf season: August – November

Best for: Island adventures, great culture, plenty of reefbreaks

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