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How To Choose The Perfect Sri Lanka Surf Camp

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When it comes to finding the perfect Sri Lanka surf camp you’re spoilt for choice – there are heaps on offer!

And that’s because Sri Lanka is such an incredible place for beginner and intermediate surfers – with its huge range of beach breaks and easy access points and reefs.

So if you’re on the hunt for an awesome Sri Lanka surf camp for your next trip here’s a few things to keep in mind when picking out where to stay…


Location is key for find an awesome Sri Lanka surf camp as there is such a long coastline to choose from!

For those wanting something a bit more quiet Ahangama is one of the more mellow locations and a great option for those who want to chill out, but also not stray too far from the action

Weligama on the other hand definitely has a lot more hustle and bustle – with a much bigger range of restaurants, cafes and other travellers kicking around. Ideal for social surfers!

Mirissa is the most lively of the 3 main surf locations on the South West Coast (where the surf season runs from November to April) and has a huge range of places to eat and party too. The beaches are a bit busier here but it’s still a popular spot for surf camps

On the location front its also worth doing your research on the location of the camp too – not all surf camps are beachfront and some are a short drive away from the ocean. So if you want to be walking distance to the waves its something important to keep in mind when choosing!

Surf Camp Vibes

Different surf camps suit different people – it’s not a bad things, it’s just a case of finding the right vibe for you!

If you’re 18 years old and want a good dose of partying alongside the waves the chances are you wont have as much fun at a boutique, small group camp.

And on the flip side if you’re mid 30s and really focused on pushing your skills to the next level a large surf camp with a more backpacker style vibe probably isn’t going to be right for you!

Check out the promo videos of the Sri Lanka surf camps you’ve looking at as they’re always a good guide to what vibe they’re pushing.

Camp Facilities

Another key thing of course is the camp itself and making sure your Sri Lanka surf camp has all the facilities you need.

Make sure you double check things like A/C, room types, WiFi, included meals and of course the range of surf equipment they have too.

And then of course there’s the tough decision of do you want a pool or not?!

Or maybe included yoga classes is more what you’re looking for?


As well as the camp itself, the surf coaching is going to be one of the key things you’re looking for in the best Sri Lanka surf camp for you.

Not all surf instructors are the same calibre, so do your research and make sure you get the right level of coaching for you.

Many camps offer different levels of coaching (usually beginner, intermediate, advanced and surf guiding), but some are more specialised in beginner surf lessons than higher end coaching.

Ticket To Rides Sri Lanka Surf Camp for instance has really high end coaches – including a former womens world tour surfer and 6 times South Africa surf champion!

Another thing to pay attention to with the surf coaching is the use of photo and video analysis. These will really kickstart your progression so we highly recommend camps that offer these as part of their packages

The Waves

Sri Lanka is blessed with a huge variety of surf spots all within a short drive of each other. And given that you’re heading to Sri Lanka to surf, the waves are a big thing to keep in mind!

Do you research and figure out what surf spots the camp uses for more of the sessions – or if your a more advanced surfer what breaks are closest.

And if you really want to surf as much as possible – are there are surf breaks within an easy walking distance? If so – are they the breaks you want to paddle out at?


Ok so lets talk money! Sure we’d all love to kick back at a full luxury surf camp for every surf holiday, but if we’re going to be honest that might be outside of your budget!

Sri Lanka has a range of surf camps from backpacker, budget friendly right through to boutique, luxury surf villas – so a quick look at the pricing might quickly narrow things down for you!

Which Ones For You

If you keep all these point in mind whilst searching you’ll no doubt be able to find your perfect surf camp in Sri Lanka and have an absolutely amazing time!

And of course if you need any help picking the right one chat to our surf team and we’d be more than happy to figure out the right fit for you!

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