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Sri Lanka Surf Camp Mini Guide – Where’s The Best Location To Stay?

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When it comes to choosing a Sri Lanka surf camp you’re pretty spoilt for choice, and there’s a full range of options to choose from no matter what your travel style, budget or level of surfing.

But as well as the camp itself, it’s about choosing the right location as well!

So to help you pick the right spot for you here’s a quick rundown of the 4 main surf areas in Sri Lanka, so you can choose which one fits your style best:

Sri Lanka Surf Camps – Where’s The Best Location To Stay?


Out of all the Sri Lanka surf camp destinations, Weligama certainly has the most option to choose from. this is also because it was the first spot to really boom in terms of tourism and surf camps.

And the key reason Weligama is one of the most popular locations is the fact there are plenty of super fun, beginner-friendly waves right there on your doorstep!

These days Weligama has plenty of non-surfing options too – and is the spot to head if you want plenty of nightlife as well as a huge range of bars and restaurants to choose from as well.

BEST FOR – Hustle & Bustle


Next up is Midigama. It’s certainly more chilled than its more popular neighbour of Midigama, but still offers a huge range of surf spots to choose from and is again popular for surf camps too.

If you’re looking for a good balance of restaurants and bars, but also less crowds then Midigama is a solid choice.

BEST FOR – Those who want the best of both worlds


Ahangama is the new kid on the block in terms of Sri Lanka surf camp destinations and out of all the South-West coast options, is certainly the quietest option when is comes to tourism.

The result is fewer people in the water too and with spots like Kabalana Beach, Markshmallows and Sticks on your doorstep you’ll progress pretty quickly.

The slight downside is there aren’t as many choices in terms of places to eat and drink and you’ll find yourself having to head along the coast to find any pumping nightlife.

BEST FOR – Those looking for quiet vibes

Arugam Bay

When the seasons’ switch and the South Coast breaks go flat with the rainy season, Arugam Bay comes to life.

This sleepy town on the West Coast of Sri Lanka has a few awesome surf camps and the reeling right-hand point break is a memorable ride. For those learning to surf the inside section are the perfect spot to refine your skills before braving it up the point.

BEST FOR – Those hitting up the West Coast Season

Check out our full range of Sri Lanka Surf Camps here and chat to our surf travel experts to help you find your perfect choice!

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