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What Are The Best Surf Spots In South Africa?

Surfing has become more and more popular nowadays, and newbies and pros alike are on a lookout for the epic surf they can experience.

And South Africa’s coastline offers a number of promising spots which also showcases wide array of waves making it a paradise for surfers of all kinds looking for waves  and challenge themselves year round.

So we’re rounding up the best surfing spots in South Africafor the 365 days of adventure for you, your board and surf buddies!

Elands Bay

Also known as E-Bay, this West Coast haven is a westerly swell and has a southeasterly wind; it is considered as a gem for more experienced surfer.

Waves here are best in summer when swell refracts and produces hollow take-off running for as high as 150 meters.

The surrounding town is pretty much laid back, with only one hotel, a few guest-houses and one liquor store near the camp site. The spot becomes touristic during weekends but remains as a local’s spot so be reminded that everyone’s not speaking English.

Jeffrey’s Bay

A premiere surf spot and a mecca for surfers from all over the globe, J Bayhas one of the world’s most consistent tubes. Supertubes here are said to be one of the fastest and most perfectly formed waves in the world.

It’s long and fast right-hand wave is picture-perfect for the pros.

Waves here are best during winter months which can be as long as 800 meters.

Due to its enormous waves, J Bayis where annual Billabong pro surfing challenge is held and was actually ranked as 2ndof the ‘Best Surfing Destinations in the World’.

J Bay itself offers a variety of handcrafted clothing, surf, and leathers shoes stores. Art also has a place here for their handcrafted shell-art.


Dubbed as Surf Cityand Bay of Plenty, there is no time of the day when the wave here is not working; it gets bigger from the south to the north.

Durban is also a spot for great waves of all shapes. It is considered as South Africa’s surfing capital.

Surfers gather here especially during the months of April to September. The warm and hot weather in the area makes surfing longer and more comfortable.

Durban is also perfect for party lovers for its many clubs and pubs. Many surfers coming to this spot have sharks at the top of their mind but so far, there’s no single shark attack thanks to shark nets.


Known for its big wave, Dungeons is classed to be one of the legendary surf spot for the brave and experienced surfers.

The big waves break over a shallow reef on the ocean side of Hout Bay Dungeons which is only accessible by boat. Though the giant swells come far and in between, it is always worth the wait.

Dungeons is suitable for those looking for a winter storm surf, the swell at Dungeons can be as high as 15-30 foot making it perfect for those seeking for a good adrenaline rush.

Sharks are also a challenge in Dungeons but the waves themselves has built a dangerous yet legendary status.

Dungeons is also a great place for a warm and relaxed drink after a great surf.

Cape St. Francis

With a variety of point and short breaks, the Cape is a nice place to go surfing all year long.

It’s waves can roll for kilometers due to low pressure systems in nearby Antarctica and southern tip of South Africa.

The area is also popular for its clean beaches.

The Cape is also home to a Penguin Rescue and Rehabilitation Center and houses the Irma Booysen Floral Reservegiving off a more environment-friendly ambience.


Also known as the ultimate family beach, Muizenberg is a definite surfing spot for the newbies.

Being the Surfer’s Corner, this spot is suited for all levels of surfers especially for long boarders.

Muizenberg is essentially perfect for those learning the basics of surfing as it offers fun and relaxed waves as well as surfing camps.

It is also a Blue Flag Beach which means that your safety is their priority.

Surfing here is best during winter from December to March but waters can be surf almost every day of the year.

You can also get a delicious lunch at the Knead bakery-deli which is a part of post-surf tradition.

Surfing is a big thing in South Africa so whether it’s summer or winter, it has always something in store for you. The Rainbow Nation offers a wide array of waves for surfers from all walks of life. You can also learn and make friends from pros from across the globe who flock in for practice and competitions.

Jump on a South Africa Surf Adventure and discover some of the amazing waves this region has to offer. Ride on the tide and feel the vibe. Who knows, maybe the wave of your life wave is just waiting there for you!

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