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10 Of The Best Maldives Surf Spots You HAVE To Surf!

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When it comes to the best Maldives surf spots you’re pretty spoilt for choice!

Whether you want pumping barrels, or long, rippable walls, the Maldives serves up a huge range of incredible surf breaks.

But to get you even more stoked for your next trip, here are 10 of the best Maldives surf spots you have to paddle out at!

10 Of The Best Maldives Surf Spots You HAVE To Surf!

1. Pasta Point

Hands down, a favourite of all our surf team! Pasta Point is one of the best and most consistent Maldives surf spots, serving up reeling left handers.

It’s also one of the most exclusive waves in the Maldives too and only surfers staying at Cinnamon Dhonveli have access, capped at 30 surfers max.

2. Vodi

Another incredible left, Vodi is the exclusive home break of Niyama Private Islands.

Much like Pasta Point, it’s all about the lefts and Vodi provides both caraveable walls and tube time too, working on a huge variety of swell sizes.

3. Sultans

One of the most famous of the North Male Atolls surf spots, Sultans is a right hander which can handle some seriously solid size, with some stunning tube sections.

When it gets big though watch out for the sweep – it’s a strong one!

4. Blue Bowls

Time to head down to the Southern Atolls and escape the crowds!

Blue Bowls is one of the more advanced waves around Ayada Resort and as it hits the inside of the reef it bowls up for some fun cover ups, hence the name.

As an added bonus, it works on all tides, so if it’s pumping you can spend the whole day surfing there!

5. Cokes

Alongside Pasta Point this is one of the most famous Maldives surf spots. Sitting off of Thulusdhoo Island, Cokes produces some of the hollowest right handers in the country.

A favourite for all the surf resorts in the area, it’s an easy paddle out of off the local island of Thulusdhoo, which offers some great value local island surf packages for those who want tropical perfection without the price tag!

6. Chickens

Another of our teams personal favorites, the left hander of Chickens sits right across the channel from Cokes, in front of Kuda Villingili Resort.

Long, reeling and mellow walls peel off along the reef at Chickens and on a smaller swell it’s ideal for intermediate surfers or those looking for a playful wave.

Don’t be fooled though, Chickens can handle some serious size and when it pumps its as challenging as any other wave in the area!

7. Love Charms

One of the most consistent waves in the Southern Atolls, Love Charms is a house favourite for guests staying at Ayada as it’s close to the resort and super reliable.

Expect fun walls for intermediate surfers and above at this classic Southern Atoll surf spot.

8. Jailbreaks

Situated in front of the jail at Himmafushi Island Jailbreaks is a super fun right hander.

It has 3 distinctive sections, but when the swell is pumping they quickly link up into an epic, leg burning ride! The take off offer a punchy cover up, follow by a long walling section, finishing off with a shallow, fast section that tails off of the reef into the channel.

For those looking to surf the Maldives on a budget, check out our Himmafushi Surf Packages, which are the most budget-friendly option the Maldives has to offer!

9. Kandooma Right

The exclusive house break of Holiday Inn Kandooma, Kandooma Right is a fast, punchy right hander that peels along the reef, right in front of the resort.

A great option for regular footers looking for a private surf break, with surfers capped at 40.

10. Ninjas

If you’re not keen on fast, shallow waves like Cokes or Sultans, then Ninjas is the perfect option! It catches less swell than a lot of the North Male surf spots, so it’s the ideal place to head when the others start maxing out or are a little big for your liking.

A favorite with longboarders, this right hander is a bit of a further boat ride, but well worth it for some fun, playful sessions.

Which Maldives surf spots are top of your to do list?

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